A peer-reviewed scholarly journal for paramedicine / emergency medical services (EMS) professionals.

No. 1 (2023): Premiere Issue - Number 1 - January-March, 2023 (v 2023-03-06)

Published: 2023-03-07

A New Peer-Reviewed Academic Journal for Paramedicine

Michael R. Gunderson, EMT-P (Ret.), FAEMS, Michael Touchstone, BS, FACPE, Paramedic


Joint Statement on Lights & Siren Vehicle Operations on Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Responses

Douglas F. Kupas, MD, EMT-P, Matt Zavadsky, MS-HSA, NREMT, Brooke Burton, NRP, Shawn Baird, MA, EMT-P, Jeff J. Clawson, MD, Chip Decker, BBA, NRP, Peter I. Dworsky, MPH, NRP, Bruce Evans, MPA, NRP, David Finger, Jeffrey M. Goodloe, MD, Brian LaCroix, BS, NRP (Ret.), Gary G. Ludwig, MS, EMT-P, Michael McEvoy, PhD, NRP, RN, David K. Tan, MD, EMT-P, Kyle L Thornton, MS, EMT-P, Kevin Smith, BAppB:ES, Bryan Wilson, MD


Feasibility and Safety of a Field Care Clinic as an Alternative Ambulance Destination During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Daniel Berger, BS, John Wong-Castillo, BA, Ryan Seymour, Christopher Colwell, MD, FAEM, Andrea Tenner, MD, PhD, John Brown, MD, Mary Mercer, MD, MPH, FAEM


Paramedicine Literature Search: September-November 2022

Brenda Morrissey, Shaughn Maxwell, Michael Gunderson


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